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Join us in enriching lives and expanding opportunities for an ever expanding community

The heart of our community, our Masjid, stands at a pivotal moment of growth. With a community that has been expanding rapidly over the past few years, it is now time we considered how we would accommodate our growth and facilities for our community.

We are set to embark on an ambitious journey — the new MK Mosque Project. Our goal? To open our doors wider, welcoming thousands of people in our community to be able to pray in a modern, open plan and purpose built facility. Especially, helping our future - our children, facilities to fostering education, faith, and community spirit.


Education class at Masjid Khadijah

Our Vision: More Than Just Expansion

  • Increased number of prayer spaces for both brother and sisters: Currently we run 2 Jummah’s at Masjid Khadijah, even with this facility, we still find people regularly spilling over on to the pavements, come wind, rain or shine. A growing community of sisters who enjoy the current but limited facilities, regularly are turned away due to capacity issues. Our mission is to change this, and bring about a much larger facility which offers expansive prayer areas for people to fulfil their prayer obligations in peace.
  • Expanding on community focussed facilities: We are fortunate enough to offer a whole host of facilities here at Masjid Khadijah, however with limited spaces and private facilities, these are limited. We wish to expand these services to become a truly accessible hub.
  • New and increased classrooms: To accommodate better facilities for education, madrassa classes, evening and weekend classes for education and personal growth.
  • Enhanced wudhu Area: A dual-purpose facility supporting not only our daily and special prayers but also the foundational activities of our masjid.
  • Teacher training and setup: Empowering our educators with training and resources to uphold and exceed our educational standards.
  • Sports and recreation: A dedicated area for sport and recreational facilities for the young and old. Alhumdullilah we are fortunate to be blessed with a young and vibrant community. We wish to offer facilities to allow for your youth the enjoy their time in a safe and islamic environment, allowing them to foster friendships, encouraging them to spend more time in the masjid and benefit from the islamic environment.
  • On-site parking: Our plan is to find a location where parking is plentiful to accommodate people who are travelling into the masjid and reduce the burden on local residents and parking restrictions.

Why Now?

The expansion of the masjid over the past 20 years has totally exhausted the land between the 2 houses and joint garden, we are now motivated more than ever to take this step and Insha’Allah continue to grow as a masjid and community.

Your contribution will catalyse the speed at which we can move forward and locate a premises fit for our wish list, making the Masjid a beacon of hope and learning.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise,” we see this expansion as more than just a project; it’s a path to collective reward and spiritual growth.

The Impact of Your Support

  • Educational Opportunities: Empowering knowledge, skills, and moral grounding.
  • Job Creation: New roles for educators, nurturing future generations.
  • Community Space: A hub for learning, prayer, and togetherness, strengthening the bonds within our community.
  • Sustainable Future: A step towards self-sufficiency, ensuring the Masjid’s role in our community’s ongoing development.

How You Can Help

Every contribution brings us closer to our goal, creating a lasting impact on the lives of many. Together, we can build more than just classrooms; we can construct futures, inspire dreams, and foster a community united in faith and purpose.

Join us in this noble endeavour. Your support can light the path for generations to come.

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